5 things to try before resorting to taking pain medication

5 things to try before resorting to taking pain medication

Looking for natural pain relief methods before restoring to your go-to pain medication? We got you! Whether your pain has just appeared or has been persistent for years, these tried and tested self-help methods will relieve you.

Pain sucks. It takes away from your life, whether it’s work, sleep, or mental health. Sometimes it can alert you that something is going wrong with your health, while others can linger for months or even years, causing unnecessary suffering. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Apart from pain medication which is a bit more drastic, there are different natural pain relief methods you can explore at home.

In this article, we’ll brainstorm (or painstorm) 5 techniques to control and reduce pain that don’t require taking a pill. Ready? Let’s dive in!


5 Top Natural Pain Relief Methods

1. Hot and Cold

Baths are not just for babies. They are a safe and common method that acts as a pain reliever. That’s because heat dilates the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow in your body and acting as a muscle relaxer. On the other hand, cold therapy is perfect for reducing inflammation, swelling, or temporal numbing pain from injuries. Not a fan of cold baths? Try applying a natural cooling pain relief balm or an ice pack wrapped in a towel directly to your injured skin.

 heated body balm muscle, joint, tendon, and pain treatment or cooling body balm muscle, pain, and inflammation treatment

2. Physical Exercise

Although exercise might be the last thing on your mind while in pain, it can be a very effective natural pain relief method. Simple everyday activities like cycling, walking, and swimming can help stretch stiff and tense muscles. Don’t worry. It’s natural to be hesitant, fearing you’ll cause more damage than good. However, the pain you might experience when you start working out is due to the muscles getting fitter. A great way to mitigate the muscle pain or stiffness is to apply a heating element onto target areas before any physical activity. This small change can help prevent injury and stimulate blood-flow.

Overall, the perks of physical exercise outweigh any increase in pain. It will naturally boost your blood flow and encourage your body’s natural healing process.

3. Acupuncture

Vertical shot of skilled red haired female practitioner using Chinese medicine technique for balancing flow of energy through meridians in patient body, inserting acupuncture needles into skin

Acupuncture involves the help of a practitioner who applies thin needles to specific points of your body, encouraging it to heal by releasing endorphins. So if you suffer from knee pain, back pain, or osteoarthritis, it can offer short-term relief. Additionally, it offers relaxation and reduces inflammation and muscle spasms. Acupuncture helps a lot of people to maintain function and is relatively safe as long as it’s practiced by trained practitioners using sterile needles.

4. Therapeutic Massage

Massage is another physical therapy that provides natural pain relief for soft tissue injuries. A 2007 review on massage supports that it relaxes lower back pain, reduces inflammation, and improves body posture, flexibility, and circulation. Applying targeted tension to the muscles also relieves stress and anxiety, offering you a distraction from the overwhelming pain signals.

5. Mind & Body Techniques

Our natural pain relief methods list would not be complete without including some mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. These activities help you evade the “fight or flight” mode, restore your sense of control in your body and manage pain psychologically. By learning how to breathe correctly, you learn how to cope when your pain is intense. So instead of shallow panicked breaths, you learn to breathe deeply and slowly.

So When Should I take Pain Medicine For Adults?

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There are many different ways to go about dealing with pain. While most methods are accessible and easy, they mainly aim to improve your coping strategies. In some cases, like massage or acupuncture, a practitioner is also required. But of course, taking pain medication is sometimes inevitable. It helps you manage pain that is not easily relieved and helps you get on your feet and be functional. Pain medications come with harmful risks. So before you reach for NSAIDs such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen, or even products to "numb" the pain with ingredients like lidocaine or steroids, give your body something better. Reach for the ultimate pain relief balms loaded with nature’s best to put you back in “get things done” mode, browse our mx naturals collection today!

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